Why use a professional writer?

What is copywriting and why would I need a professional writer? These are just some of the questions we get asked every now and then. So we thought we’d compile an FAQ about our copywriting services.

Copywriting is the creation of content or marketing materials that inspire action in the reader/recipient. Copywriting, or professional writing, is an essential part of marketing, both online and offline. It involves creating materials that can be used to sell or promote a company or its products. Copywriting can take many forms, from website content to company brochures to email newsletters.

No, not at all. Copywriting is all about content creation, and that content can come in many different formats. Many copywriters work in multimedia: writing scripts for videos, handling social media accounts for clients, or producing podcasts. Professional writers can generally help to create any and all types of content for marketing or promotional purposes.

You’re probably an expert in your field, which is great for business. But the downside is that you’re likely too close to your business to be able to tell your story from the customer’s point of view. You need to be able to express clearly and concisely the reasons why your company/product is the best.

A professional writer can provide the objectivity insiders on your team might lack, asking probing questions and forcing you to think about your message from the user’s perspective.

Certainly you can, but at the very least you should ask somebody else (preferably an independent third party) to check it over and give you feedback. Chances are you’ve written it from your perspective, which is only natural, but not what’s best for your customer. What they really want to know is how you can help them, how soon you can do it and how much it costs.

If you really want to write your own marketing materials, we recommend employing a copywriter to edit your work.

The best way to capture an honest testimonial is to have a neutral third party, such as a professional writer, “interview” the client about the full range of their experience. A copywriter will be able to draw out key quotes from the customer, and they’ll be able to ‘tell the story’ of the client relationship in a compelling way.

If you try to capture this honest commentary yourself, you’ll find that in most cases the customer won’t speak frankly. They may be afraid to voice any criticisms for fear of damaging the relationship, or they may feel like they deserve some kind of reward for taking part in the case study.

SEO copywriting generally means the creation of online content or marketing material that is search-engine friendly — i.e. liked by Google and other search engines. You want your website to be user-friendly, but you also need it to be Google-friendly. When it comes to creating online content, these twin goals can seem at odds, but a skilled professional writer knows how to satisfy both aims.

The two functions are complementary. It makes sense to hire a copywriter first to figure out your core message and create your essential content (e.g. website copy, company brochures, press releases). A marketing agency can then work with you to package your message and help distribute it to your chosen audience (e.g. website design, branding, distribution of press releases). Marketing agencies often employ or partner with copywriters.

Prices vary. At ENNclick, we charge for our time because every project is bespoke. We assess the length of time a project will take, based on our years of experience working with clients on different types of projects. We will then quote a price, detailing costs and deliverables.

The first step is a phone call or meeting to assess your needs. The next step is agreement on project details and price. Then we begin the process of creating the content, sending regular updates and showing you our progress for feedback. Once you have signed off on the project, an invoice is issued.