Social media training and strategy


Social media is booming: there are more than 2 billion Facebook users, and Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media occupy a hefty slice of business and personal time. How is your organisation reacting to this reality?

Your customers and your competitors are most likely using one or more of these social media platforms.

But, if you’re struggling to understand social media and how it can benefit you or your clients’ business, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to determine which social media platforms are best suited to an organisation, or how to optimise and refine your strategy if you’ve already been engaging online but need to improve effectiveness.

Social media training from ENNclick can help

Our social media training will help you become comfortable with the various social media platforms, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and blogging. We provide one-on-one executive tutorials (or training for small groups) arming you with all the information and tips you need to develop your company’s social media strategy.

Course objectives

  • Understand how social relates to your business
  • Discover the best tools for your business objectives
  • Learn all the social media basics
  • Get to know the social media lingo – tweet, RT, status update, Like, pin…
  • Find out what content to share, and how often, to build your following
  • Discover a host of social media time-saving tips
  • Receive specific recommendations on how to bring your current social media activity to the next level

Our one-on-one tutorials and small-group training sessions cover all the topics above and are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses based in Cork or Edinburgh.

Develop your social media strategy first

If you don’t already have a social strategy in place, that’s where we recommend you start. Without a strategy, you may waste budget and time, and your engagement may peter out. A strong social media strategy will keep you on course and focused.

We work with you to determine the ways in which your business goals can be furthered by strategic use of social media. The strategy we draft will assess the competitive social media landscape for you or your client’s industry and recommend a plan of action, including an outline budget.

If you’re thinking of ramping up your activity on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, get in touch to see how we can help you put a clear strategy in place first. Get in touch with Sheila in Edinburgh ( or Deirdre in Cork (