Social media management


Social media management (image by Raúl Hernández González on Flickr)

Effective, hassle-free social media management.

Social media has become an integral part of any marketing strategy, but it can be a real time sink. Social media marketing done well requires time and planning, but this can be difficult for busy marketing teams or owner-managers who are typically juggling a full schedule.

Why not let us take care of your social media management?

We have successfully worked with several clients to manage their daily social media outreach and engagement. Our first step is to interview your key members of staff to understand your business, sector and services so that we can ‘speak’ on your social channels with a consistent tone and message. We will then create a social media calendar which we share with you so that we are all aware of upcoming content, promotions and potential opportunities.

Our goal is to reinforce your brand across your social media channels and to bring your social engagement to new heights. Through ongoing collaboration with you we can create a social media presence that genuinely reflects your business, boosts brand exposure, drives customer engagement, and establishes your business as a thought leader.

We also have a blog writing and editing service that can work hand in hand with our social media management. By being involved from the start in the development of shareable content, we can more effectively drive the conversation for you across your social channels.