Social media kickstarter

social media kickstarter from ENNclick

Get a head start with your social media presence.

We can set up and begin building engagement and following for you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, then hand everything over to you with lessons learned.

Some marketing managers are torn about social media: they feel compelled to use these tools, but may lack experience in managing social channels. If you want to get closer to your customers using social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, but you’re still developing your in-house capabilities, our social media kickstarter is perfect for you.

Our six-step social media kickstarter plan

  • We set up your social media identities.
  • We interview your key members of staff to understand your sector and services. We are experienced business journalists and these are the same skills we’ve used for years to write features and news stories.
  • On your behalf, we begin posting status updates that demonstrate your knowledge and interest in your industry.
  • Through the use of hashtags, lists and direct engagement with followers, we build relationships with key influencers, and show you how to do the same.
  • After a set period, we hand all management over to you with lessons learned, so you can manage the identities in-house.
  • We stay on hand as “big sisters” to answer your questions about social media etiquette, technology or other issues.

We’ve helped everyone from large enterprises to owner-managed SMEs get started on social media.