Script development and voiceovers

Effective scriptwriting for corporate videos and animations brings a story to life.

Corporate videos are an important communications tool. For maximum impact, tell your story with the script development services of an experienced journalist. ENNclick scriptwriters work in partnership with production companies, using our storytelling skills to develop key messages. This narrative can then be told by the production team, either as a filmed story or as an animation. Whether you need an early storyboard or a final voiceover, we can help.

Whether you’re a marketing manager seeking a partner for your video, or you’re a production company seeking a scriptwriter who can work to tight briefs and deadlines, give us a call. We distill the key messages into a storyline that can easily be visualised with engaging imagery that customers will remember and want to share with others. This service is ideal for high-tech companies who may have a hard-to-describe product or service. Videos can also be a great opportunity for companies to humanise themselves and form a deeper connection with potential customers.

Our production experience includes collaborations with Agtel, Big Red Engine and Zink Films.

Take a look at our YouTube channel to see some recent examples of our script development work.