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Email newsletters from ENNclick

Great ideas, strong writing and clickable headlines get your email newsletters noticed

Well-written, content-packed email newsletters can be an effective part of your internet marketing strategy and help you to connect with your customers. By providing your customers with regular news and updates, as well as thought-provoking features and interviews with key people in your industry, you can add value to your relationship.

We have over 10 years of experience working with organisations from Bank of Ireland and Microsoft to Enterprise Ireland and eir in their drive to build relationships through their email newsletters. We can use that wealth of experience of what works in email newsletters and help you to develop an email newsletter your customers will be looking forward to receiving.

Take your first step to great email newsletters

We take away the stress and hassle of creating an email newsletter. We focus on the writing while you stay in control of the ideas. We can also use our experience to brainstorm with you to come up with regular feature ideas and compelling content that will encourage your customers to open your newsletter and look forward to the next one! We work with you to help keep deadlines on track – this avoids the erratic publication schedules that disappoint readers. You get a strong online newsletter, on time, without seeing your other work suffer.

Our experience means we know what works with an email newsletter. Through experimenting with content, images, subject lines and sending times we can fine tune your newsletter and make sure the open rates and click-through rates are consistently solid.

Our partnership with a leading email newsletter delivery company means we can offer you a complete service: from initial editorial brainstorming to final sending and analytics.