Case studies

Effective case studies

With our professional interviewing skills, we create customer case studies that are fresh, genuine and convincing.

Customer case studies are a valuable way to promote your business. But in order to capture real, believable testimonials, you need the customer to speak frankly and openly about their experience.

The best way to capture an honest testimonial is to have a neutral third party, such as a copywriter, interview the client about the full range of their experience. A copywriter will be able to draw out key quotes from the customer, and they’ll be able to ‘tell the story’ of the client relationship in a compelling way.

If you try to capture this honest commentary yourself, you’ll find that in most cases the customer won’t speak frankly. They may be afraid to voice any criticisms for fear of damaging the relationship, or they may feel like they deserve some kind of reward for taking part in the case study.

ENNclick’s case study process

We have delivered dozens of customer testimonials for satisfied clients. Our methods are tried and trusted; we have perfected the process over the years to deliver valuable case studies in an efficient, transparent way:

  • First, we conduct an extensive discussion with you to decide on the key points you wish to capture, and we study all available background material.
  • We then interview your customer and quickly turn around an initial draft, incorporating your feedback.
  • We secure signoff from the interviewee, minimising your involvement in the process and delivering your case study quickly and efficiently.