Blog writing and editing

Blog writing services from ENNclick

Writing good, shareable blog posts or a memorable speech conveys your knowledge, insight and authority.

Our blog writing services will help you get to grips with blogging and help you find your voice. Blogging can be a daunting prospect but with our expert services we will guide you through the process, whether you need someone to edit your blogs or ghost write them for you. We’ve successfully worked with dozens of executives across sectors to develop their blogging strategy.

Here are some of our blog writing and editing options:

  • Content marketing for industry leaders: Keep your content marketing strategy on track – let us show you how to find and share industry content. Our heritage as journalists lets us source industry news that’s ideal for you to share with your audience, helping build your reputation as a thought leader.
  • Forward blogging calendar: Need to start blogging? We come up with relevant topics for you to blog about based on an initial discussion with you.
  • Blog writing and ghost blogging: Based on an interview with you on a chosen topic, we can assist you in writing a draft of a blog (you create a list of bullet points which we then flesh out), or ghostwrite the blog for you (drafting a full blog following the interview). Either way, the blog is your thoughts, conveyed concisely and convincingly.
  • Blog packaging for publication: We will not only proofread the blog, but also add sub-heads, headlines and keywords. Our editing will ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors and also make sure the voice and message is consistent and doesn’t stray too far from your company policies and objectives.
  • Blog promotion: We show you a variety of tactics to promote the blog effectively across the web and social media, including targeted outreach to influencers who are most likely to respond or spread the word about your blog. Go here for more on our social media training services.
  • Speechwriting: Using our journalistic training, we listen carefully to your ideas and insights on a topic, and can craft a concise speech for your upcoming conference or event. Similar to blogging, a good speech showcases your voice in a confident but not overbearing manner. Get in touch with Sheila ( or Deirdre ( if you’d like to discuss your next speech.

Fiona Riding - iMultiply Resourcing
Just a quick note to let you know that following your recent Social Media and blog training, we’re already starting to see results. Yesterday we had the highest number of visitors to our website and around 60% of these were unique visitors. Normally our blogs only get a small number of re-tweets, likes and shares but my post yesterday has been shared lots and I’ve just noticed that another recruiter has picked it up and shared it to a Linkedin Group.