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We’ve written before about how important images are to illustrate your blog posts or thought leadership articles. Tools like Photoshop can be prohibitively expensive for some businesses, or they might be difficult to justify as a marketing spend. Enter Pixlr, a web-based image editing programme that offers much of the functionality you’ll find with Photoshop, for free.

Pixlr is available at or you can download the app for photo editing on the fly. I’ve only ever used the web version, so this review will focus on that. Pixlr was bought by Autodesk in 2011 and you can feel that steadying and reliable influence. The site was also named in the Top 50 websites of 2013 by Time magazine, so it’s got form.

On you can choose between two web apps: Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor. As the name suggests Pixlr Express is a tool aimed at making quick fixes to photos, like re-sizing, adding filters, overlays, etc. If you need to apply a simple filter to an image, this is the tool for you.

Pixlr Editor is a more complete photo editing programme. You’ll find all the familiar editing tools like clone stamp, marquee, bloat, eraser, colourpicker, etc. You’ll also be able to create layers and make adjustments to the brightness, sharpness, saturation and so on. Then once you’re finished creating or editing your images, you can save them as jpeg, tiff, png, bmp or a layered pixlr image.

Now I’m not a photo editing whizz by any means, but I find Pixlr Editor simple to use. It really is packed with functionality; I’ve yet to come across something it hasn’t been able to do. For those of you looking for a budget-friendly, complete, image editing tool, you won’t go far wrong with Pixlr.

What image editing tools do you use?

Main image by Adrian V. Floyd on Flickr

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