Telling the story: ENN becomes ENNclick

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Journalism is all well and good when it pays, but for a number of years here at ENN, our bread has been buttered elsewhere.

We are also copywriters, creating and optimising content for companies’ newsletters, websites, scripts, speeches, podcasts and customer case studies and social media specialists, training businesses to use social media and helping them to develop social media and blogging strategies. What I’m describing is ENNclick, and it will be our sole focus going forward (the ENN news archive is here).

You may know us as the publishers of, which I pioneered as one of the first Irish online news services in 1999. As Ralph has blogged more than once, journalism is facing its challenges, and we believe that news — as ENN has been publishing it — is too much of a commodity for us to compete in that space. Companies like Silicon Republic will continue to fill the news niche, but probably the future of journalism looks a lot more like Mark Little’s Storyful — quality, crowd-sourced content curated by skilled editors.

We believe the best opportunity for a team of experienced writers like ours is to help companies tell their stories better. And we love doing it. We’ve helped NUI Galway convince secondary school students to study physics. Our case studies have shown the airline industry how it can save hundreds of millions of dollars a year with advanced software pioneered right here in Ireland.

But if you’re a marketing manager, you know that brochures and case studies are only the beginning of the content story you need to tell. You must continually create and update your site, your blog or your comments on other people’s sites to provide evidence of your expertise, both to the search engines and to potential customers.

If you need advice on blogging, renovating your website with compelling copy that’s optimised for SEO, or if you want to use social media to start demonstrating your expertise online, ENNclick can help.

“We’ve never used a copywriter before”

We hear this a lot. This excellent Copyblogger post by Sonia Simone describes why, even if hiring a professional copywriter isn’t your first instinct, it’s often the right choice. An experienced copywriter is virtually guaranteed to save you time and give you better results, because companies are usually just too close to their subject to describe it briefly and compellingly.

You might feel that nobody knows your company better than you do. The good news is that the ENNclick team are all seasoned journalists: our experience on the newswire means we’re skilled interviewers who can quickly understand and distil the essence of any story. For a decade we’ve had to turn around news stories, fully edited and fact-checked, in as little as 90 minutes; if you’re facing a tight deadline on a company newsletter or new website, ENNclick is definitely the team you need to speak to. We’ve already helped everybody from banks to tourism companies, surgeons to software developers, and I know we can help you, too.

A copywriter near you: Dublin, Cork and Edinburgh

Our writing teams are spread across three cities — headed by Deirdre in Cork covering Ireland, with Ralph and myself in Edinburgh, covering Scotland. We’re always up for a meet-up or tweet-up. Or if you’d like to drop us a line to talk about how we could help you, we’re available at +353-21-2348474 or +44-1875 341 582 – we’d love to hear from you!

Do you have a strategy for creating and maintaining your content off-line and online? How could we help you?


18 Responses to “Telling the story: ENN becomes ENNclick”

  1. Sounds like a great change — best of luck with the new direction! I love to see people in changing industries who are actively pursuing new opportunities rather than waiting for the sky to fall.

    • Sheila says : Reply

      Thanks Sonia, sometimes it’s an acorn, but sometimes it really is the sky coming down. Am a huge fan of Copyblogger…you talk nothing but sense.


  2. Best of luck with the change. It looks like a very natural progression for you. I just wanted to say thanks for all the excellent content and coverage you’ve provided over the past decade (and a bit). ENN has always been one of the few publications I read regularly.

  3. Dear Sheila and Ralph,

    You have put the case for writing support very well. It certainly is reflected in our experience with your creation and development of NANews. It has become the eagerly awaited link between patients’ families, their doctors and the researchers looking for an understanding and cure for neuroacanthocytosis.

    Your contribution is very important.

    Ginger and Glenn Irvine

  4. Liam O'Callaghan says : Reply

    Sheila & Ralph,

    Thank you for the great content and looking forward to the future updates on the ever changing digital world.

    Best of Luck,


  5. Best of luck guys with the new direction, been reading your news(letters) since the early days and would like to say a big thank you for the excellent service you provided.



  6. Hi Sheila and Ralph,

    Best of luck with ENNclick and many thanks for keeping us informed over the years with the “In The Papers” newsletter.


  7. Alex Gogan says : Reply

    Hi Shelia and Ralph,

    The best of luck with this change, I know that who ever uses your service will have some of the best writing skills and talents available to them.



  8. Best of luck to you guys (personally and businesswise); well done for all the news you’ve provided since back in the “old-fashioned days” and even better for moving on to bigger and better things in your new venture. Reading the above comments, I think you’ll have no shortage of recommendations to draw on..

    • Sheila says : Reply

      Fergal – thanks for that. It’s a bit of a nosebleed-inducing change for us, dropping journalism altogether, but it’s the right thing to do & frankly my passion has long been with the copywriting…so satisfying to help companies tell their stories.

      Hi Anthony – thank you for the kind words; we love DMI and watch your stuff with interest!

      Eoin – you are very kind; it’s been absolutely brilliant working with you at Enterprise Ireland and I agree that content has just become bigger and more urgent than ever. Content creation has become core to the marketing mix; we really enjoy helping companies in this area & look forward to throwing ourselves wholly into it.

      Sheila Averbuch – ENNclick

  9. Hi Sheila and Ralph

    It has been good to work with you guys over the years and I am sure we will again!

    All the best with the new venture


  10. Hi Ralph, Sylvia and Sheila

    One door closes but a bigger one awaits. The area that you are now committing to your collective skills set to is extremely important and sadly one that is generally over looked and under valued – particularly in the online space. Having worked closely with ENN over the past 7 years I am in no doubt that those who engage the services of ENNclick will profit as a result of their decision.

  11. Don't Spam Me says : Reply

    Off to a bad start then.

    Taking the email address of everyone who has ever been subscribed to ENN (I unsubscribed /years/ ago) and adding them to the mailing list for you new venture is unequivocally SPAM.

    And you expect people to trust you on social media strategy?! Good luck with that!

    (And no, having ENN in the name of your new business doesn’t let you off the hook).

    • So sorry you feel invaded by our content – we feel our business now is a true continuum with what we did before – there’s no problem in removing you from our mailing list. I assume you have already removed yourself from the list, but if not or if you want to chat, please don’t hesitate to give me a call 01 657 1660 or e-mail me at

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