All eyes are on you when you post images onto social media. But if you’re relying on nothing more than Instagram filters to make your photos look their best, you can do better than that. Here’s another tool you have to explore: Snapseed.

It’s vital to keep an eye on the analytics for social media status updates you post. Here’s a how-to video showing the surprisingly easy way to check the times of day your tweets are getting the most engagement.

This is my latest in a series of quick how-to videos demonstrating the most effective techniques I’ve discovered to pinpoint influencers on social media, a key part of any content marketing effort.

If you’re wasting time managing social media, you need something like HootSuite to help you automate post sending and scheduling. Read Sheila’s quick HootSuite tips:

We’re always looking for ways to help clients increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts, which is why we’re pretty excited about Right Relevance.

Social media has transformed marketing communications. Here’s why you need to properly resource these channels, if you haven’t already.

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Sharing interesting content can be a good way to spread your brand name and establish your reputation as a thought leader. In this video I’ll show how HootSuite helps you find and interact with interesting content being shared by VIPs on Twitter.

We humans are predictable creatures and many of us have an instinct to follow the leader. Finding ways to build on this instinct is the essence of influence marketing: connecting with leaders who may be willing to help you tell your story. But how can you make influence marketing work for you? Today we’re speaking with Gordon White of fatBuzz, a leader in his own right when it comes to social media marketing.