When we’re asked to write marketing material for a product, or a case study, we’re forever advising our clients to put the customer’s story at the center of everything, rather than the company’s story. That means suppressing the natural instinct to go on about your pedigree, experience, successful track record: instead, focus on the customer

A blog post by Rahul Varshneya called How To Influence People And Sell More? Stop Pitching And Ask These Questions, reminded me how important it is to know the answers to specific questions before you begin your content marketing strategy.

Stop boring your readers

Thursday, 12 January 2017 by

If there’s one way to kill your company’s blogging strategy, it’s boring content. Here are some ideas on how to come up with content ideas that help, delight and inform your target audience (and not just inform them about what you do).

This is my latest in a series of quick how-to videos demonstrating the most effective techniques I’ve discovered to pinpoint influencers on social media, a key part of any content marketing effort.

Don’t panic if you’re asked to write a thought leadership article for publication: just follow these tips and you’ll make the best impression.

Your timeline on LinkedIn is a list of all the status updates, “likes” and LinkedIn post blog posts you’ve published, among other things. But what if a status update goes wrong, and you want to purge it?

Marketing messages are not static things chiselled in stone. They need to be refreshed so that they’re in line with the customers you need to speak to right now.

In a press release I drafted recently for a client, the strongest material in the final draft was the answer the client gave when I asked why she loves what she does.

I realised that’s a great way to kickstart any piece of writing you’re doing, whether it’s a blog, press release or brochure.

Keep the fire lighting under your evergreen content by using these five clever ways to re-purpose your blog posts.

I’m just back from a weekend workshop focused on my other passion – learning to write children’s fiction. We aspiring authors got the terrifying and wonderful opportunity to meet literary agents at a mixer where we were challenged to pitch our stories in a single sentence. It reminds me that few businesses out there have a truly impactful elevator pitch. Here’s some advice on how you might hone the elevator pitch for whatever product or service you sell, and help increase the chances that your listener will be curious to know more.