I’ve blogged before about the content discovery and sharing tool Right Relevance, and as part of a new series of quick video tips, I wanted to show how to find influencers using the tool — an important step in bringing your content marketing efforts to the next level.

In today’s crowded inboxes you need to give customers a reason to read your newsletter, which is why the content and the ‘look’ of your e-zine are vital.

It’s easy to think that content generation is the essence of content marketing. Nope. Promoting the content is actually the heart and soul of a content strategy, and promotion is the shared responsibility of every member of your team, from the boss to the techies: you get the best reach by using the exponential power of each team member’s contacts.

The latest ENNclick social media how-to video shows how an event hashtag can be hijacked by spammers, and advises how to react if it happens to you and your event.

An email newsletter is a great way to communicate with your customers. But making sure it stands out in a crowded inbox, inspiring your customers to open it, is a whole different ball game. Here are five pointers that will help you increase those open rates.

At ENNclick we are sometimes approached by marketing professionals who see the need for revitalised marketing collateral. But sometimes their bosses don’t. Marketing executives can find themselves fighting board-level misconceptions about the value of the marketing function itself. If you are a marketing person and you are trying to reinvigorate your company’s messaging, here are some of the (unspoken) assumptions you may face, along with suggested responses for tackling them…

Content is king, especially since changes to Google’s algorithm in 2011 mean it heavily favours websites that offer fresh and unique content. For UK & Irish businesses, this means that content creation must become one of your 2012 New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone’s inbox is a crowded place these days. With e-newsletter open rates hovering around the 20pc mark, is there still a compelling reason to publish your company’s content in the form of an e-newsletter? The answer is a resounding yes.

Email marketing open rates can get pretty low these days, as peple struggle to deal with the barrage in their inbox. If you are producing good content you want it to be read. That’s where social marketing can find relevant people and bypass the inbox.

Groupon’s galloping growth

Wednesday, 09 March 2011 by

Groupon is a product of its time. The technology, combined with a critical mass of people and the evolution of social networking, allows the company to make every member a brand ambassador for the service. That’s why user growth and revenues are sky-rocketing. A good thing? Perhaps.