Even the most seasoned expert, writing on their subject of expertise, can benefit from external editing and proofreading.

We’re always looking for ways to help clients increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts, which is why we’re pretty excited about Right Relevance.

Social media has transformed marketing communications. Here’s why you need to properly resource these channels, if you haven’t already.

In a press release I drafted recently for a client, the strongest material in the final draft was the answer the client gave when I asked why she loves what she does.

I realised that’s a great way to kickstart any piece of writing you’re doing, whether it’s a blog, press release or brochure.

At 16, I was already being told by teachers that I should consider journalism — in fact I just discovered the delightful newspaper clipping below, where I explain my career plans in journalism (I fail to explain my hair). But when it came down to it, I resisted journalism, because my preconceived notions were that

How innovative are your marketing communications methods? Here are three ideas you can try from our copywriting team at ENNclick. From mobile-friendly websites to low-cost audiovisual methods, there is no excuse anymore to stick with the same-old, same-old.

I’m just back from a weekend workshop focused on my other passion – learning to write children’s fiction. We aspiring authors got the terrifying and wonderful opportunity to meet literary agents at a mixer where we were challenged to pitch our stories in a single sentence. It reminds me that few businesses out there have a truly impactful elevator pitch. Here’s some advice on how you might hone the elevator pitch for whatever product or service you sell, and help increase the chances that your listener will be curious to know more.

If you feel the compulsion to start blogging – whether it’s a self-imposed discipline or something your marketing team is suddenly insisting on – you can maximise your chances of success by approaching it with a tried and tested formula, such as the one we use.

I loved the recent Agtel predictions on Top video marketing trends of 2014 and advise you to read it over, whether you’re considering developing your first video or your 50th.

In today’s crowded inboxes you need to give customers a reason to read your newsletter, which is why the content and the ‘look’ of your e-zine are vital.