Even the most seasoned expert, writing on their subject of expertise, can benefit from external editing and proofreading.

Few businesses make the maximum use of LinkedIn, seeing it only as a place to put up profiles and perhaps post the occasional status update. A new tool called LinkedIn Signal opens up the network to be a much more powerful networking, marketing and research tool. Here we demonstrate how you can use LinkedIn Signal to keyword search what anybody is saying on the service – even if they are not a first-degree connection to you.

There’s nothing worse than feeling dragged into social media. After all, you’re an independent-minded person, not a sheep who needs to follow every fad. But here’s the thing. Social media isn’t about socialising; it’s about establishing your identity and announcing your expertise. And because it lets you help others by giving them access to your expertise, social media feels quite satisfying – more than you might expect.

There’s an app for that

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 by

If the web is an important source of sales for your business you may understandably feel that the growth in smartphones demands you develop an app to follow your customers. But wait a moment and consider whether you’ve already done most of the work with your existing online offering?

The value of analytics to email

Wednesday, 06 October 2010 by

If you have an email newsletter that links to pages on the web, do you know where your traffic’s coming from? It’s certain that some of it will not be from email subscribers, so you need a way to capture that activity.

ENN’s latest piece of readership research suggests that businesses are getting more receptive to the possibilities that social services such as Twitter and Facebook offer in reaching out to existing and new customers. But LinkedIn is still top dog for B2B.

Being an inveterate iAnything junkie, Colman Reilly couldn’t wait to get his hands on his very own iPad. But there was just one little problem… Irish buyers can’t yet buy it. But a kind UK soul was prepared to pre-order the iPad when it went on sale there and ship it over to Ireland. Now with the device he coveted, we get his first impressions after a few weeks of use…

It seems, despite the huge growth in web-aware smartphones and access to online content at any instant, it’s not being converted into more reading. Instead we’re playing more games.