Make your customer the hero: your product is the sword

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When we’re asked to write marketing material for a product, or a case study, we’re forever advising our clients to put the customer’s story at the center of everything, rather than the company’s story.

That means suppressing the natural instinct to go on about your pedigree, experience, successful track record: instead, focus on the customer and make your communication centre on them.

That’s why I was really excited to come across Daria Staverska’s piece from the Medium archives, which communicates this in a fresh way: think about making your customer the hero of the story, and your product or service the magic weapon/sword of destiny/enchanted amulet that allows them to conquer their demons.

Have a look at Daria’s piece: it also has some salutary words about visual storytelling, and reminds us that a video requires a bigger time investment from your audience than a photograph.

A well-chosen image can get across your story in just seconds, but even the most compelling videos spin out their storytelling over a half minute at the minimum, and that’s time your readers might not have to spare today.

More and more companies are writing thought leadership articles, and your visuals can help your material stand out. But your visuals can’t be an afterthought. As we’ve written before (see The three secrets of highly effectively blogging), your illustration should be one of the first things you concentrate on, once you’ve decided the piece of content you want to create.

Do you need to work with a professional photographer? Graphic designer? Or just spend some quality time with Creative Commons images? Whatever visuals you use, you need to invest the time to ensure they carry a lot of your story, so they’ll deliver that one-hit impact to your target audience. Your audience may have just seconds to spare today: don’t waste them.


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King Arthur image by Balog János on Flickr

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