Is your company telling a story?

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is your company telling a story

Remember when America had a president who could deliver a speech that made you cry for the right reasons, instead of due to fear of an impending apocalypse? I do, and so does Trevor Ambrose: his fantastic from-the-archive post about great storytelling in business marketing has something every company can use to accentuate its messages.

Have a look at Trevor’s post here, including insightful guidance from President Obama’s former speechwriting director, Jon Favreau. Whether you’re working on a PowerPoint deck, a press release or a case study about what your company can do, these tips from Favreau will help you grab your audience and make them believe.

Favreau’s memorable guidance includes concentrate on telling your story; keep it short and highly focused; address objections and counterpoints to your story; put yourself in your audience’s position; and (crucially) motivate your listeners with emotion.

Have a look at all of Jon Favreau’s storytelling tips here. Are you keeping your company’s story focused, or trying to say too much in a short space? Are you inspiring your audience to feel anything?

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