How to strategically target influencers using Hootsuite

by / Friday, 19 May 2017 / Published in Blog
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With more and more consumers using ad blockers to block ads displaying while they browse, influencer marketing has emerged as an effective marketing channel for brands. According to eMarketer, 84% of marketing and communications professionals plan on launching at least one influencer marketing campaign in the next 12 months.

And it’s no surprise that this figure is so high, influencer marketing is proving to be a successful approach for many brands; in the same survey, 81% of marketing professionals who used influencer marketing said they found it “effective”.

So how do you find those all-important influencers and how do you use that information to your advantage?

The influencer slider inside HootSuite, the social media management dashboard, helps you discover the influencers talking about your project, company or brand. This short video shows you how we use the slider as part of our work on the social media management team for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction.


Image by Raman Sharma on Flickr

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