Being a team of professional writers ENNclick was recently tasked with producing a series of case studies for Enterprise Ireland’s Internet Marketing Unit, looking at how SMEs are delivering results with social media and other web technologies.

One of the top challenges facing business is selling a complex product in a simple manner. Animation can tell that story in a way that’s a whole lot less confusing than pages of dense sales literature or confusing diagrams. ENNclick’s new animation for software firm Armac Systems does just that…

It’s easy to do but can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your email communications. It’s social linking, and it’s the latest addition to one of our client newsletters, eBusiness Live. Produced by ENN for Enterprise Ireland’s eBusiness Unit, eBusiness Live is a granddaddy of the email newsletter space in Ireland, having been produced on a fortnightly basis since issue 1 back in November 1999. It aims to look at various technological developments and explain in practical terms how those can be used by SMEs to their business advantage, both domestically and in reaching out to international markets.

Licensed Wireless News

Thursday, 22 July 2010 by

One client ENNclick’s worked with for a few years now is Irish specialist wireless solutions provider AirSpeed Telecom. It provides high bandwidth uncontended, symmetrical leased line & broadband services using the licensed wireless spectrum in the Irish Republic, with a wide range of clients, from the financial sector to health.

Our involvement began when AirSpeed wanted to produce a regular newsletter covering an area which typically gets next to no national coverage in the media. Thus came about the publication Licensed Wireless News.

Amongst our clients we’re very fortunate to work with the team at Enterprise Ireland’s eBusiness Unit. A few years ago now the unit was pivotal in being one of the first government agencies to embrace new communications technologies to help inform SMEs about important developments. Using podcast technology, the eBusiness Unit has been behind a growing library of programmes covering key technological developments which businesses can potentially utilise to their advantage.