If you’ve ever wanted to search Facebook or Twitter for content, here’s a handy time-saving trick using the Google Chrome browser.

Your timeline on LinkedIn is a list of all the status updates, “likes” and LinkedIn post blog posts you’ve published, among other things. But what if a status update goes wrong, and you want to purge it?

The figures don’t lie: with over 1 billion unique users globally each month, and 6 billion hours of video viewed*, YouTube is a key medium for businesses. Having a YouTube channel means you can tap into this massive audience. But once you’ve set up your channel and are posting videos regularly you need to spread

We all know that Twitter can get a little noisy. We show you how to turn down the volume, allowing you to turn off retweets from persistent retweeters.

LinkedIn endorsements divide opinion; some find them useful, others see them as an annoying feature. This short video shows you how to manage endorsements, including how to use some of the new controls LinkedIn has introduced.

If you feel the compulsion to start blogging – whether it’s a self-imposed discipline or something your marketing team is suddenly insisting on – you can maximise your chances of success by approaching it with a tried and tested formula, such as the one we use.

LinkedIn has made it more challenging to hear what your contacts are saying, after removing status updates from each person’s profile page. This how-to video shows how to find fresh content being shared by your contacts, so you can be part of the conversation.

With LinkedIn ramping up its efforts to encourage companies to share quality content, this short how-to video shows you a handy little tip for ensuring all the content you share is of a high standard.

Sharing interesting content can be a good way to spread your brand name and establish your reputation as a thought leader. In this video I’ll show how HootSuite helps you find and interact with interesting content being shared by VIPs on Twitter.

Trying to boost the reach of your Facebook posts? Clear descriptive text that explains what you’re sharing can help. This short video shows you how to edit the associated text that gets dragged in with a URL when sharing on your Facebook Page.