It seems, despite the huge growth in web-aware smartphones and access to online content at any instant, it’s not being converted into more reading. Instead we’re playing more games.

Amongst our clients we’re very fortunate to work with the team at Enterprise Ireland’s eBusiness Unit. A few years ago now the unit was pivotal in being one of the first government agencies to embrace new communications technologies to help inform SMEs about important developments. Using podcast technology, the eBusiness Unit has been behind a growing library of programmes covering key technological developments which businesses can potentially utilise to their advantage.

Did you know that when Google Streetview took pictures of your home it was also grabbing your router’s location? It may be useful data for mapping accuracy but it’s your data and they didn’t ask.

Forget the drama over the mystery iPhone and instead consider how quickly the original finder of the device was tracked down through his social media trail. That’s because despite his best efforts, the finder had left digital footprints and clues he simply could not erase.

The music industry’s old guard is trying to beat internet users into submission over copyright and downloads, while services like opt for the carrot approach. Now Spotify has gone social with Facebook, and it may just show the way ahead for monetising music downloads.

Many companies are grappling now with their social media strategies — but others are downright scared, keen to put it all off. But singing the la-la-la song, fingers in ears, isn’t a plan. A softly-softly approach can be a good way to get started.

But while iPhone customers are catered for in spades, other technologies are largely being ignored — a wasted opportunity. The rush mentality is also leading to mistakes. The following top 10 top checklist can help guide your thinking about why you want to do an app in the first place (not just for some good PR!), what pitfalls to avoid, how to maximise your reach, and how to select the right partner.

Make room for the message

Sunday, 04 April 2010 by

A view of communication courtesy of the Google WonderwheelIf anyone ever suggested that the web was going to be a unifying force for effective communication, they didn’t reckon on the reality of low barriers to entry for every man and his dog with a fresh take on how to help us communicate with each other.

Welcome back King Content

Friday, 02 April 2010 by

We’re about to see a big shift towards the mobile web and walls come tumbling down.

Here’s an interesting statistic. According to Vodafone, one in four of the mobiles it sold in the run-up to Christmas ’09 was a smartphone… worldwide. That’s a trend that’s set to continue as people discover the benefits of being able to carry a piece of the web around in their pocket. It’s taken a while for the momentum to pick up, but the growing popularity of these devices is a combination of lower handset costs, better mobile internet packages, rapidly improving handsets and, perhaps most critical of all, a change in the relationship we have with our network.

Social takes the fight to search

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 by

It’s interesting times in the world of ’social’ media. That label’s become synonymous with the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Yet, it seems slightly wrong-headed to suggest that all the services that came before these somehow lacked a social element. Even in the old days of bulletin boards on green screens, it was still about people interacting and communicating. Perhaps the reality is that the term ’social’ describes an epoch in the development of the interwebs – it marks a point where we’ve achieved such saturation in our always-on lives that it truly has become an integral tool for keeping contact with our circle of friends.