Have you noticed LinkedIn’s new in-your-face version of its messaging platform? Skype and LinkedIn are both owned by Microsoft, so it’s no surprise that on-board messaging is increasingly Skype-like. Sometimes it’s hard to carve out time in your day to swing by LinkedIn, but make it part of your routine, especially now that the LinkedIn messaging

We look at the useful User Agent Switcher Chrome extension that allows you to use Instagram on your desktop in much the same way you use it on your mobile.

Don’t let your message overshadow the need for meaningful content — a needy, salesy tone will ultimately disengage your brand from the needs of the reader. Here’s how to do better with your branded copy.

The proof is in the proofreading

Thursday, 21 September 2017 by

What is it about autumn that brings out the proofreading projects? We’ve had lots of proofing work recently, and it’s reminded me of the most common problems you should avoid if proofing your own work. Here are the mistakes you should take care to eliminate in your own documents:

All eyes are on you when you post images onto social media. But if you’re relying on nothing more than Instagram filters to make your photos look their best, you can do better than that. Here’s another tool you have to explore: Snapseed.

A lot of work goes into organising an event, and sponsoring one can mean a substantial investment. As an organiser or major sponsor, it’s important then that you get the most out of your conference or awards ceremony. Here are seven ways you can take control of the content surrounding your event.

When we’re asked to write marketing material for a product, or a case study, we’re forever advising our clients to put the customer’s story at the center of everything, rather than the company’s story. That means suppressing the natural instinct to go on about your pedigree, experience, successful track record: instead, focus on the customer

Of all the factors that can influence the success of your social media activity, the most important is this: having a sound social media strategy in place first.

We’re always on the lookout for tools that make things a bit easier. And with this video editing app, PowerDirector, we’ve hit the jackpot. It’s so easy to use that even those of us with limited editing skills can create professional looking videos. As we all know by now, video is where it’s at. A

When writing your social media posts, respect your contacts’ time and see if you can switch around what you’re writing to put the main idea upfront.