LinkedIn has made it more challenging to hear what your contacts are saying, after removing status updates from each person’s profile page. This how-to video shows how to find fresh content being shared by your contacts, so you can be part of the conversation.

With LinkedIn ramping up its efforts to encourage companies to share quality content, this short how-to video shows you a handy little tip for ensuring all the content you share is of a high standard.

Sharing interesting content can be a good way to spread your brand name and establish your reputation as a thought leader. In this video I’ll show how HootSuite helps you find and interact with interesting content being shared by VIPs on Twitter.

Trying to boost the reach of your Facebook posts? Clear descriptive text that explains what you’re sharing can help. This short video shows you how to edit the associated text that gets dragged in with a URL when sharing on your Facebook Page.

There’s no denying the runaway success of Instagram, which was purchased in 2012 by Facebook. Polaroid even announced it’s coming out with a physical camera whose initial design resembled the Instagram logo, later in 2014. The how-to video below shows how to add your Instagram feed to your Facebook Page with just a few clicks.

In a world where status updates, tweets and 6-second Vines reign supreme, is there any room in the content marketing mix for long-form content? The answer is yes, and here’s why:

We humans are predictable creatures and many of us have an instinct to follow the leader. Finding ways to build on this instinct is the essence of influence marketing: connecting with leaders who may be willing to help you tell your story. But how can you make influence marketing work for you? Today we’re speaking with Gordon White of fatBuzz, a leader in his own right when it comes to social media marketing.

Photo-sharing site Instagram has attracted some of the world’s biggest brands to its platform, where they engage with their followers and showcase their products and services. This how-to video highlights some big brands and the visually intriguing ways they make use of Instagram.

Social media how-to video from Sheila Averbuch at ENNclick on how to set up a HootSuite free account, letting you monitor up to five social media networks from one dashboard.

Infographics: what’s the story?

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 by

We all know by now that quality content is key; content that engages, encourages people to share via social media and, in an idea world, goes ‘viral’. Infographics have the ability to fulfill this potential. Here are some other benefits of infographics.