What do origami and kangaroos have to do with great communications techniques? Both featured in one of the best airplane safety announcements I’ve ever seen – and everyone on the plane watched. There’s a lesson there for all of us.

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The figures don’t lie: with over 1 billion unique users globally each month, and 6 billion hours of video viewed*, YouTube is a key medium for businesses. Having a YouTube channel means you can tap into this massive audience. But once you’ve set up your channel and are posting videos regularly you need to spread

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I’m just back from a weekend workshop focused on my other passion – learning to write children’s fiction. We aspiring authors got the terrifying and wonderful opportunity to meet literary agents at a mixer where we were challenged to pitch our stories in a single sentence. It reminds me that few businesses out there have a truly impactful elevator pitch. Here’s some advice on how you might hone the elevator pitch for whatever product or service you sell, and help increase the chances that your listener will be curious to know more.

LinkedIn endorsements divide opinion; some find them useful, others see them as an annoying feature. This short video shows you how to manage endorsements, including how to use some of the new controls LinkedIn has introduced.