Imagine if Google started showing search results that included your company’s phone number, opening hours or other vital details. In this guest blog for ENNclick, John Drummond of Ideas Go Live explains the trend that every business owner should know about — Google Knowledge Graph — and the coding tools that could help you get ahead of the game.

Andrew Lafford from argues SEO is more marathon than sprint, & plans for algorithm changes to Google’s search aren’t to be feared but welcomed.

Gal Salomon, the CEO of Discretix gives us a timely reminder that the wonderful world of the smart mobile, whilst in many ways a very good thing, also brings with it serious security implications… ones we cannot afford to ignore for long.

But while iPhone customers are catered for in spades, other technologies are largely being ignored — a wasted opportunity. The rush mentality is also leading to mistakes. The following top 10 top checklist can help guide your thinking about why you want to do an app in the first place (not just for some good PR!), what pitfalls to avoid, how to maximise your reach, and how to select the right partner.