Everyone’s inbox is a crowded place these days. With e-newsletter open rates hovering around the 20pc mark, is there still a compelling reason to publish your company’s content in the form of an e-newsletter? The answer is a resounding yes.

Few businesses make the maximum use of LinkedIn, seeing it only as a place to put up profiles and perhaps post the occasional status update. A new tool called LinkedIn Signal opens up the network to be a much more powerful networking, marketing and research tool. Here we demonstrate how you can use LinkedIn Signal to keyword search what anybody is saying on the service – even if they are not a first-degree connection to you.

One of the key online marketing themes that emerged at the recent Dublin Web Summit was the growing need to create an emotional experience for the user. Simply getting attention for your brand is no longer enough. Promising a good deal for the consumer is no longer enough – bad news for discount deals sites. The future (and in some cases the present) success of online marketing and advertising centres around creating an emotional ‘moment’ for the user.

Technology proved that it really is the new rock ‘n’ roll at the most recent Dublin Web Summit. The two-day tech conference, already the hottest event in the Irish web calendar, got an extra buzz when rock daddy Bono turned up – adding a slice of cool to the super-serving of nerdrepreneurs.

It can be difficult to cut through the noise on Twitter and tune in to the conversations that are pertinent to you and your brand.