Search Engine Land has done a good job of mashing up the notion of the Periodic Table we all know from chemistry and repurposing it to SEO.

It’s so easy to let small typos or unclear wording slip through when you’re publishing anything — web copy, press release, blog post, you name it. An editor’s fresh pair of eyes, proofreading for clarity and accuracy, can make all the difference.

Writing effective material for your website need not involve hours of agonising and soul-searching over every sentence. For non-writers, instead look at putting down a few words on the sources and stories that have caught your eye recently.

Technology is set to profoundly change the way that people seek out holiday experiences in the future. We look at what’s coming and how it will affect the hospitality sector.

No blog? No problem. Here’s what you can do to build your credibility online until such time as you build your very own blog. Our mini How To guide gives you six pointers.

AudioBoo finally makes it to version 2 for Android. It’s a breath of fresh air for the micro-podcasting service that brings real power to everyone’s pocket.

Much effort, legal and otherwise has recently been made in trying to prevent bad news making it onto the web. In a social media age there’s little point. Better to focus your resources in dealing with bad news at its source and saving legal battles for wars you can actually win.