“Just got the worst PR spam. Whoever does PR for *insert company name here* should be taken out and shot.” Sound familiar? That’s the sound of a blogger who’s received a press release they “didn’t sign up for”. The above epithet will be instantly shared across social media, and news of the shocking trespass will spread faster than you can say “retweet”.

Licensed Wireless News

Thursday, 22 July 2010 by

One client ENNclick’s worked with for a few years now is Irish specialist wireless solutions provider AirSpeed Telecom. It provides high bandwidth uncontended, symmetrical leased line & broadband services using the licensed wireless spectrum in the Irish Republic, with a wide range of clients, from the financial sector to health.

Our involvement began when AirSpeed wanted to produce a regular newsletter covering an area which typically gets next to no national coverage in the media. Thus came about the publication Licensed Wireless News.

We love smartphones. What’s not to love? Mind you, there’s that privacy thing: the photos we snap can now embed our location and reveal it to the world when we share them on social sites. But did we agree to reveal that information, and was it really informed consent?

Twitter Addicts Anonymous

Wednesday, 07 July 2010 by

Is it fanciful to think that services like Twitter begin to take on some of the effects of an addiction the more immersed you become in this communications ghetto?