A Phonebidden love

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 by

For many years he managed to resist the temptations offered by a bevvy of beautiful devices being paraded before him. But he didn’t reckon on the alluring draw of an Android smartphone wrapped in a nice little Sense UI number. But is it a love that can last the test of time?

A new study appears to clearly show that the simple act of ensuring that email communications which include optional links to share articles with others via Twitter and Facebook can make a significant difference to subscriber response levels.

Gal Salomon, the CEO of Discretix gives us a timely reminder that the wonderful world of the smart mobile, whilst in many ways a very good thing, also brings with it serious security implications… ones we cannot afford to ignore for long.

Being an inveterate iAnything junkie, Colman Reilly couldn’t wait to get his hands on his very own iPad. But there was just one little problem… Irish buyers can’t yet buy it. But a kind UK soul was prepared to pre-order the iPad when it went on sale there and ship it over to Ireland. Now with the device he coveted, we get his first impressions after a few weeks of use…

No one stokes the fires of gadget lust better than Apple, and its feature-packed iPhone 4 aims to chase off any pretender to its smartphone crown. The device’s details demonstrate again that Apple knows how to innovate. What will they — what can they possibly — think of next?

The devastation caused by an armed taxi driver in and around one English village not only highlights how fortunately rare such incidents are, but also how far social media has come into mainstream use.