With the UK’s Times newspaper about to put up a pay wall are all those other newspaper proprietors missing a trick? Does owner Rupert Murdoch know something the rest don’t or is it simply desperate measures for a desperate Times?

It seems, despite the huge growth in web-aware smartphones and access to online content at any instant, it’s not being converted into more reading. Instead we’re playing more games.

Amongst our clients we’re very fortunate to work with the team at Enterprise Ireland’s eBusiness Unit. A few years ago now the unit was pivotal in being one of the first government agencies to embrace new communications technologies to help inform SMEs about important developments. Using podcast technology, the eBusiness Unit has been behind a growing library of programmes covering key technological developments which businesses can potentially utilise to their advantage.

Did you know that when Google Streetview took pictures of your home it was also grabbing your router’s location? It may be useful data for mapping accuracy but it’s your data and they didn’t ask.

Forget the drama over the mystery iPhone and instead consider how quickly the original finder of the device was tracked down through his social media trail. That’s because despite his best efforts, the finder had left digital footprints and clues he simply could not erase.

Social Media for Business

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Who should attend? Participants who wish to understand Social Media, Small Business & Social Media and how to create an effective social media marketing plan. Introduction What is social media? What are the current and upcoming trends in online marketing/social media LinkedIn for business The benefits of using LinkedIn for business Making a LinkedIn profile that gets you

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