Social takes the fight to search

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 by

It’s interesting times in the world of ’social’ media. That label’s become synonymous with the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Yet, it seems slightly wrong-headed to suggest that all the services that came before these somehow lacked a social element. Even in the old days of bulletin boards on green screens, it was still about people interacting and communicating. Perhaps the reality is that the term ’social’ describes an epoch in the development of the interwebs – it marks a point where we’ve achieved such saturation in our always-on lives that it truly has become an integral tool for keeping contact with our circle of friends.

Kaizen Blog

Monday, 01 March 2010 by

Online A weekly chat at 5pm GMT (12 noon ET) each Friday focused on using kaizen (continuous improvement) in social media: primarily on blogging while also touching on Twitter and more. It’s a place to share ideas, ask questions, and help each other. What are your ways to practice kaizen? Create a saved search on

This webinar will be presented by Declan Kavanagh, CEO Sogeti Ireland, and will focus on trends in business transformation across Europe.

The inaugural National Digital Media & Marketing Summit will deliver powerful insights into how the global and Irish media landscape, consumer behavior and media consumption is rapidly changing on the back of the digital technologies revolution. A world class line up of speakers will explain what these changes mean for marketing and how individuals and businesses can adapt to thrive in this exciting new world.